1. myonesong.com will not share or sell your email address to any third party: We hate spam too 🙂

2. Make sure you own the content: myonesong.com creator accounts are for MUSICIANS or CREATORS respectively, not fans. Uploading music you don’t have the rights to distribute is a violation of MYONESONG’s Terms of Use and may be against the law. If you are not the CREATOR of a file or CREATOR’S AGENT, do not upload it. Even if you lawfully own a copy of the AUDIO FILE (for example, you bought the CD or downloaded it from an internet service), this does not give you permission to upload the AUDIO FILE to myonesong.com. If you violate this rule, your account may be deactivated or deleted.

3. myonesong.com Distribution is for your own promotion: Choosing to upload AUDIO FILES to myonesong.com for transmitting is for your own promotion and thus we are not responsible or liable for any royalties associated with the copyright of your writing and recording.

4. Our loyalty is to the Users and their experience: We hold the right to delete or alter any information associated with your account including audios, lyrics, albums, comments, etc. that may compromise, halt or interfere with the user experience of myonesong.com. Before myonesong.com attempts to change any of your personal information we will contact you through your account, via email, or telephone to resolve any problems beforehand.

5. Cheating is a direct violation of our terms: The use of tools for spamming or altering the integrity of your account is strictly prohibited and may result in account deactivation or deletion and in some cases monetary recuperation from any damages created or incurred by direct or indirect effects of the cheating. A user may personally be held financially accountable for any queries requested or third parties contracted to help in the aid and conviction of cheating and any other tactics of website abuse.

6. Do not sell audio files that you do not completely own the rights to audio files that incorporate even a fraction of another creator’s copyright shall not be listed for sale or uploaded with the intent of making a profit.

7. myonesong.com will split the sales of any transaction done through the myonesong.com shopping cart with you, our registered creator, 30/70. You, the creator will collect 70% and MYONESONG the COMPANY will collect the remaining 30%. Our 30/70 split also holds true for any licensing or publishing deal brokered by myonesong.com or any of its subsidiaries on your behalf. Should myonesong.com directly be involved in obtaining a deal where money is exchanged for external promotion of your audio files then myonesong.com is entitled to a finders fee.

8. Creators are paid on a quarterly basis and payouts are only processed once the client has reached a minimum of $20 in sales & reward earnings.

9. Eligibility for a CREATOR account is determined based on an annual membership fee.

10. myonesong.com may use audios, photos, lyrics as well as other information provided to your account, without permission, to help further promote your audios outside of our website, such as through other social networks, terrestrial advertising, television and radio spots, etc. and may be used to help further your career as well as the myonesong.com brand.

11. Ignoring these explicitly stated terms is a violation of our terms of agreement: myonesong.com is not liable, in any way for any legal action taken in the event that these terms are ignored.

12. You are bound by our terms by implicit use: Using or interacting with myonesong.com in any way automatically binds you to our terms of agreement implicitly, regardless if you have explicitly stated that you agree to our terms or not.

13. myonesong.com may not make a profit off of your files through any direct means without the creators knowingly involved.

14. Once your audio is uploaded to the myonesong.com servers your audio lives on our servers forever, and can still contribute to future sales revenue long after you’ve discontinued use. Audio remains on myonesong.com until explicitly removed by the user.

15. During Withdrawals, you may notice a drop in your earnings; this can be because the songs you uploaded did not get upto 10 user engagements(Likes & Comments). Remember that 200CFA is automatically credited to your account when you upload a track, because of this some users will get to upload songs radomly just to earn. We hate spams!

These terms are subject to change without notice and were last updated on March 04, 2021.  For further comments and inquiries about our terms of the agreement, you can contact us at [email protected]