Loveless World

Ver 1
The heart of man is so cruel and wicked
The women of old have all turned to witches
Some seeking for riches
In cold blood killing each other with rage
The heart of men have become so dark that hell is thrilled
The earth is soaked with
The blood of the innocent
And that’s because the people we call friends have become Brutus’
They love the back ‘cus it’s easy to stab.
We grew up in towns where we’re bullied,
Relationships in which we’re rejected,
Homes where we’re beaten in beyond discipline,
Broken families born from greed and strive,
Husbands becoming hunters,
And wives turning to knives
Our brothers have become the reality of the 10th chapter
And the 10th verse Of John’s epistle.


Have we become too old to be new?
Too static to be moved?
Too empty to be filled?
Too rusty to be used?
Too darken to be cleansed?
Too per versed to be loved?


The world is a picture; we the frame
We have an identity; we’ve lost our name;
Together we can rise for fame,
And as sons of God we will reign
How come, we’re of the Lord but are taken game.
Suicide has become the best option.
“Save me!! For the Executioner has got a grip on me”
Now being saved is just a far-fetched notion.
Beaten as fine dust before the wind;
Cast out like garbage in the street
Men battling for life;
A life that was freely given,
So we could freely receive,
Yet we pray to live,
We strive to survive,
In the hands of our namesakes.
Identified as barbarians;
Lord saves us from scandals.
It’s more than our sandals can walk
We only want revival.
And the world is falling
The earth is soaked in blood
Full of sin and shame
Full of greed and pain

Papa God help us
Papa God save us
Save the world (×2)
Don’t cry (×2)
Vers 2
One day I was in fear
In my feared moment
So I needed to play
As I was playing
Talking to the lord
Everything around me shifting
I push on praying
Knowing the spirit of God is at work
So when I left up my eyes
I saw war everywhere
Nation within nation
Nations against nations
People killing everyone
Even common vegetation
No love
People dying on street’s cus of hunger
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Young girls killing the unborn
With no hesitation
I see the powered getting power
From the blood of innocent
The rich are getting richer
And the poor poorer
No one care
Loveless system
Praying for mercy lord!
For the sick of the little one’s
Heard their cry
Save the world
Believing one day they’ll all turned back to you
But I have one word to tell
All my brother’s and sister’s round the world
Keep’s believing, working hard for the lord is ours strength
And the world is falling
The earth is soaked in blood
Full of sin and shame
Full of greed and pain
Papa God help us
Papa God save us
Save the world (×2)
Don’t cry (×2)
For joy is coming
In your life hiss’s coming
Don’t cry aahh
You may be in pain
But not defeated
God hasn’t said his last words
He still has a say
Hold on to hi….. M (him)
For HE is the WAY, the Truth and the LIGHT
Come to JESUS
Come to HIM


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