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Why MyOneSong?

Using today is a must do for every independent artist and creator out there!

Here is an opportunity for you to make money from your art using


βœ… Get credited CFA 500 for creating an account on, which is free with just a gmail address.

βœ… Get credited CFA1000 for any upload you make (it’s free too)

βœ… Earn money when people engage on your audio (stream, or download, or like, or comment) you earn more as many people listen to or download your stuff for free!

βœ… Choose to sell your audios directly on the platform

βœ… Get a dedicated link to accept donations from your fans and supporters.

βœ… Decide to make your upcoming release available before the release date, to your dedicated supporters who are willing to donate and have access to listen to your new audio before release date.

βœ… Watch YouTube videos and visit web links to earn extra!!!

βœ… You have access to check your earnings and make withdrawals from the 25th to 31st of every month once you get CFA5000 or more in your account.

βœ… payment is made through Cameroon mobile money and PayPal.

How do I get an account?

Getting an account on MOS is easy, simple, fast, and free with just a single click... CLICK HERE.When the page loads, click on Continue with Gmail.

You get credited 500 FRS for creating an account

How do I get verified on

Use THIS LINK for verification.

How do I sell stuff or acceot donations?

Please, when applying for verification, indicate that you want to use sales and donations. A sales and donations account cost a one-time fee of $10, and you keep 75% off all your earnings!!!

Contact us to get your sales and donations account.

+237 682021477 . Also available on WhatsApp

How do I upload my audio files?

Upload is available for verified creators only. If you are signed in and verified, CLICK HERE to start uploading for free!!!

You will be credited 3000 FRS for your first 3 uploads. see terms below!

  1. The song/audio should be a recent and official release...
  2. Each upload from the 3 must score at least 30 likes to make your 3000frs valid for withdrawal. Note: You will still earn from user interactions like streams, downloads, & comments for all your uploads including these three.
Why must I upload my audios myself?

The first reason is because we do not own any rights to your files; by uploading, you give us rights to feature the uploads on our platform.

Secondly, by uploading yourself, you get credited 3000 FRS for your first 3 uploads!

How do I check my earnings & do withdrawals?

For MOS earnings and withdrawals, CLICK HERE

For sales & donations earnings and withdrawals, CLICK HEREΒ 

How do I make extra money on

We equally pay users for watching Youtube videos and visiting links.

Use THIS LINK to start earning. This is open for all users but you must be verified to check your earnings and withdraw!